Helllooooo and welcome to my page :D

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Ik ben een vrouw van 20 jaar en ik woon in Hyderabad, India 83.

Ik spreek Urdu, Engels, Hindi en een heel klein beetje Frans, Duits, Portugees.

Ik heb 25 plaatsen in 13 landen bezocht.

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  • Zeg iets over de wereld!

    Elloooooooooo! I'm Saf. I'm genuinely interested in getting to know people from all over the world, experience their culture and way of life and share so much knowledge together! I'm fluent in English, and can help you practise it, if you'd like. All in all, I'm excited to be here and make new friends!

  • Plaatsen en steden die ik heb bezocht

    A lot of places, but some, for a very short period of time, so I'd definitely want to go back and explore more. I've been to the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Oman, UAE, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and to a few places in India.

    My dream is to travel the world one day :)