• Iets speciaals aan mij

    I'm a bisexual, hippie, strong female haha

  • Plaatsen en steden die ik heb bezocht

    I've been to 8 countries so far. Germany, England, Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and of course The Netherlands where i live. I have to visit a lot more, and planning to do that in the future. I love to travel and would like to visit a lot of countries. I really want to visit Turmenistan, Russia, Indonesia, Australia and Hawaii.

  • Waar ik het meest trost op ben

    I'm proud of myself. I had a really hard time for a couple of years, but I'm better now. And I think that changed me for the better, and that I'm a better person because of it.

  • Mijn interesses in andere culturen

    I love to learn more about different cultures and i'm totally open to talk about it. I would love to talk to someone with a different culture!

  • Voor één jaar in het buitenland wonen

    I don't want to go for a year, but for a lot longer haha. When i'm older I really want to live in France, near the beach in a cute beach town.

  • De wereld een betere plaats maken

    GO VEGAN, or just try to eat less meat and animal products. Be kind to others and treat others the way you want to be treat and accept everyone. Even if you don't understand them.

  • 10 jaar vanaf nu

    In 10 years I see myself living in a van. When I'm gratuated I really want to live in a van for a couple of years. Maybe by then I've found the love of my life and travel the world together.

  • Mijn gevoel over de toekomst

    The future kind of scares me, but I'm also positive about it. I want to do a lot of things in life and I hope I can achieve those things.

  • Het verbeteren van het schoolsysteem

    Give more attention to people who need it. I experienced a lot of horrible things in school, and wish I was homeschooled when I was younger. They don't listen to you, but only talk about you.

  • Ik heb pas geleerd...

    I'm still learning, but during quarantaine I started to learn sign language, followed a couple of dance classes online and my grandma is learning me how to sew.