• 9m
  • Plaatsen en steden die ik heb bezocht

    I have traveled to Slovenia. I was there in Ljubljana and to the lake Bled.
    In my holidays I was in Selce-Croatia. With my family I have went to West, North and East Austria and with my class to Lignano and Triest

  • Voor één jaar in het buitenland wonen

    I want to live one year in an other country, because I want to learn an other languages. I'm very interesting in other cultures and I want to know how other peoples live.

  • Ik wou dat mensen meer wisten over...

    I wish humans would more know about people who are poor and why there are poor nobody knows what happened. I wish humans would have more tolerant and less prejudices.

  • 10 jaar vanaf nu

    In ten years I will study medicin because I want be a medical doctor. When I was 7 i heard about this job and i was fascinated. I want to save peoples live when they are very ill or when they have an accident.