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Ik ben een vrouw van 15 jaar en ik woon in Salzburg, Oostenrijk 17.

Ik spreek Duits, een beetje Engels, Frans en een heel klein beetje Spaans.

Ik heb 8 plaatsen in 6 landen bezocht.

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    I am Anna, a 15 year old girl from Austria. I love every language, I speak German, English (almost fluently) but my favorite language is French. My passion is horseriding, reading, travelling, discovering new cultures and languages so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail!:)

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    I LOVE travelling. If I wasn't afraid of flying, you probably won't see me again.. The country I fell in love with is France and I feel lucky to have the possibility to spend 5 months here. I've already visited Germany, Italy, Croatia, (France). But there's a looong list of countries I'd love to visit too.