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  • Zeg iets over de wereld!

    I am Anna, a 15 year old girl from Austria. I love every language, I speak German, English (almost fluently) but my favorite language is French. My passion is horseriding, reading, travelling, discovering new cultures and languages so don't hesitate to send me an e-mail!:)

  • Plaatsen en steden die ik heb bezocht

    I LOVE travelling. If I wasn't afraid of flying, you probably won't see me again.. The country I fell in love with is France and I feel lucky to have the possibility to spend 5 months here. I've already visited Germany, Italy, Croatia, (France). But there's a looong list of countries I'd love to visit too.

  • Mijn interesses in andere culturen

    I'm interested in everything that is new for me and you can hardly tell me anything where I won't listen attentively.

  • Een persoonlijke uitdaging

    To leave my friends and family for a half year and live in a world and culture that is completly strange to me.

  • Ik ben een expert in...

    I understand quickly, especially in learning new languages. At the moment I’m working on the improvement of my English, I am learning Spanish, Croatian and Finnish (unfortunately I do not have lessons so I have to teach myself which is quite difficult).

  • Je favoriete boek/schrijver/films

    I actually read everything - sometimes I take a book where I've never seen the author, the subject it is about or even books like that but I read the blurb and I'm already into the story and can't stop reading.

  • Ik geniet altijd van praten over...

    Horses, music, languages, books - when someone's passion is a thing that's usually not interesting to me but I can feel this passion, I talk about that with pleasure.

  • Voor één jaar in het buitenland wonen

    I’ve already been on exchange and the only thing I have to tell you about that is: I am addicted now and I would LOVE to do that again - which will surely happen!

  • 10 jaar vanaf nu

    I’ll have travelled around the world, I’ll hopefully have lots of friends in different countries and a job I love.