Alexandra73 Aspirant

Ik ben een vrouw van 25 jaar en ik woon in Ulyanovsk, Rusland 160.

Ik spreek Russisch en een beetje Engels

Ik heb 2 plaatsen in 2 landen bezocht.

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  • Waar ik het meest trost op ben

    Achievements .. in fact I do not believe that I have many achievements,
    in school I had the most absenteeism on the final graduation) but this did not stop me from finishing school well)
    without any problems I entered the university in the specialty of jurisprudence, I studied in absentia and at the same time I started working to pay for the university. And all this in 16 years!
    I also did volleyball, not professionally - a hobby.
    All the years of training I worked, in the last years I already had a lot of practice as a lawyer, as well as tasks on IT technologies, network settings, software installation were easy for me. mini system administrator), the system administrator was my part-time job for half a bet.
    So I think that my achievement is that I'm not afraid of something new and ready to learn despite the difficulties.
    At the moment I am an online store for children's furniture, as well as combining the work of a lawyer and a system administrator.
    And yet, I'm very kind)

  • Mijn interesses in andere culturen

    All countries are interesting. I'm interested in everything from the mentality, traditions, education to the kitchen, transport and style in clothes)